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MAGICUT's portfolio compasses a wide range of products for several applications and is internationally well known as an Innovator when it comes to Products, Quality and Marketing.

The company has set up one of the most advanced Research & Development capabilities in the country through which its not only Benchmark its Quality, but also developsNew Products and Designs on a regular basis. The company has already developed a new product called Mini Hole Saw for which it has already received the patent. The Mini Hole Saw is a unique product manufactured especially for the Indian market to compete with the domestic unorganized competition. Apart from Mini Hole Saws MAGICUT has also developed two types of Hacksaw Frames for which too patent is awaited.

Among the Tools segment MAGICUT is one of the most important Innovations Drivers in the country. While research concentrates on new products, main subject of development is the improvement of quality through benchmarking and application engineering. R & D activities are based on the company´s knowledge of interdependencies between raw materials and application characteristics that have ultimately resulted in the company going in for multiple Horizontal and Backward Integration projects. Moreover the marketing department had come up with a Revolutionary Packaging as well that is the akin to the FMCG sector and the first for tools in the world.

Based upon all these developments the company has introduced the tagline of Growth driven by Technology and Innovation

Growth Driven By Technology & Innovation

Speciality Products

Bimetal Strips : India's first and only Greenfield project for the Raw Material to Manufacture Hole Saws, Hacksaw, Bandsaw and Reciprocating Saw Blades.
Edge Wire : Magicut has recently started manufacturing Edge Wires the raw material used for making Bimetal Strips. Magicut is the not only the first company in India manufacturing these wires and but also only the seventh in the world to do so.
8% Cobalt Hand Hacksaw Blades
8% Cobalt Power Hacksaw Blades
8% Cobalt Reciprocating Saw Blades
8% Cobalt Bimetal Hole Saw
8% Cobalt Mini Hole Saw

Patented Products

Mini Hole Saws
Revolutionary Packaging
Segregated by Colour