Universal Presence

Magicut has set up one of the most advanced Research & Development capabilities in the country through which its not only benchmark its quality continuously, but also develops new products and designs on a regular basis. The company frequently collects samples of all competitors and benchmarks them with its own. There is a constant endeavor to keep improving the quality and in case any improvements are needed they are done on a priority basis. Both its sales and factory representatives are constantly in discussions as to how the current quality can be further improved and new products introduced to meet specific customer requirements.

MAGICUT has an extremely proactive policy towards launching of products that are best suited to the customers. Customer inputs are vital for new products recent examples have been the launch of Hacksaw Frames, Mini-hole Saw and development of new profiles for Bandsaw Blades. The Hacksaw Frames were developed with the inputs of our foreign customers where as the Mini-hole Saw was developed for the India market. Special tooth profiles were introduced for Bandsaw Blades for cutting specific materials.

Patented Products

The following New Products have been Conceived, Designed and Developed in-house by the company's Research & Development team. MAGICUT has already received a Patent on these Designs:

Mini Hole Saws